heart to heart in Israel

Akim Jerusalem November 2015


may the GOD of Israel bless you!

do you want to join us during Sukkot in Israel?

Bernd and Sabine Hagel will be in the Holy Land from the 7th of October to the 14th of October 2018. We will travel from Tel Aviv, Hotel Gilgal, to Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Bethlehem and Tiberias etc. We want to give you the freedom to join us during our stay there, or you can spent time for example at the beautiful beach of Tel Aviv. The hotel is very good and peaceful and the owners are messianic jews. The flight, booking of the hotel etc. is your part. We will meet you in the hotel and we are looking forward to spent this holy time with you.

COME… the GOD of Israel will touch your heart!

You can contact us.

white dove in the western wall in Jerusalem